Snow Removal


Commercial snow removal

We offer snow plowing and snow removal with our new snow removal and ice removal services! 

Schedule your commercial snow removal for your parking lots, streets, & roads. Don’t put off arranging for snow management.

Metro Cleaning is fully equipped to handle any size job. From plowing to Ice management services. Salting and treating the plowed pavement helps keep customers safe and your business free from liability.

Residential snow plowing will clear your driveways and those mountains created at the end of your driveway by the city snow plows! Ice management is also available for residential customers.

There’s no job too big or too small for our snow removal equipment to handle!

Call us today to discuss your commercial snow removal, snow plowing, and ice removal!

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  • Featuring top priority to commercial contracts
  • Snow removal of both parking lots and sidewalks
  • Special use of salt for blacktop and of a calcium mix for sidewalks and cement surfaces that won’t damage landscape plants

Your Residential and Commercial snow plowing Company:

Our Residential & Commercial contracts is a simple short contract stating when you will remove snow and how much you will charge. They state all liabilities, including insurance, damage, specified time of completion and other specified items that may be stated in the contract.

We look at the property that would be served by the contract. Looking at every possible problem or concern such as obstructions, vehicles to be moved, the area to be plowed and your neighbours around the plowed area, as well as where the snow is to be placed.

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