Warehouse Cleaning

Overhead Cleaning, High Surface Cleaning & Structural Cleaning Services

  • High Surface Cleaning, Ceiling Cleaning & Vacuuming, Door & Concrete Wall Cleaning
  • HEPA Vacuuming – Manual Dusting – Hand Washing & Wiping – High Speed Air Blowdown
  • High Pressure Power Washing – Industrial Steam Cleaning – Hand Scraping
  • Cobweb Removal – Dust Cleanup – Spiderweb Cleaning & Elimination – Mold Removal
  • Rack & Inventory Cleaning, Truss Cleaning, I-beam Cleaning & Roof Support Cleaning
  • Rafter Cleaning, Ceiling Cleaning, Pipe Cleanup, Conduit Cleaning, Duct Cleaning
  • Light Fixture Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, HVAC Equipment Cleaning, Vent Cleanup

Concrete Floor Cleaning and Sealing Services

  • Power scrubbing, walk-behind and rider auto scrubbing
  • Pressure washing, steam cleaning and chemical degreasing
  • Shot-blasting, sanding, power scraping, scarifying and grinding
  • Dust-proofing sealer and penetrant application — acrylics and specialized resins
  • Floor coating and adhesive removal — physical or biodegradable chemical methods
  • Terrazzo, granite, marble, brick and stone — restoration and coating
  • Computer room sub-flooring sealing
  • Environmental encapsulation
  • Post-construction cleanups

Commercial Janitorial Services, Office Cleaning & Restroom Sanitizing

  • Contract maintenance programs or one-time services
  • Heavy duty general cleaning
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Commercial, office, industrial, warehouse and multi-tenant cleaning
  • Building cleaning, restoration and preservation
  • Hard surface floors: scrubbing, stripping, waxing, spray buffing and high speed burnishing
  • Carpet shampooing, deep extraction and low moisture bonnet cleaning
  • Furniture, wall, and acoustic partition cleaning
  • Debris and trash cleanup

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